"Experience combined with an in - depth Network is irreplaceable"

We at M.C.C. Consult & Partners embrace this Statement.

With a never ending demand of high Quality Contacts & Business Relationships, M.C.C. Consult and Partners has been formed in order to fulfill these requirements in the Middle East.

With more than 15 years Business experience in the GCC & locally, within different Business sectors, we can provide a unique Access to a precious Network which was built up over more than a decade. We are focusing on core competencies like Business Development, Sales & Marketing Strategies, Market entry setups. We work with a team of branch-specific contact persons, Sales & Marketing Specialists, who provide our clients with target- and result oriented knowledge. M.C.C. Consult & Partners can arrange highly valuable contacts with potential Business Partners and Local Sponsors in order to make the market entry efficient and focused without having a full fletched Office and high initial Setup costs.

We are ""Door openers", "Doers" & most important: "Finishers"".

"Christian Arne Mucke, Managing Partner & Founder of M.C.C. Consult & Partners"


Business Development

We are providing the highest standard of Business Development for our Clients who prefer to spare high initial Investment in order to test and understand the local market Dynamics, especially in the beginning of entering a new Market. Our Team provide you a detailed insight in your chosen industry of interest. Here in the Middle East we live in a fast - paced competitive Business Environment which your company can take advantage of our Pro - Active Business Development approach. We advise, set up the Strategy, from this point M.C.C. Consult & Partners will take the lead and deliver.

Sales & Marketing Management

Similar to Business Development our Team takes it one step further where we offer a full Marketing & Sales Approach consisting of Marketing, promoting all types of Services & Products set by the Client. The complete Sales circle will be handled by our experienced Team which consist of Negotiations, Clients meetings, and closing of the transaction all in Line with our Customer requirements. Our approach can save you valuable Time and furthermore money, specially in a new and unpredictable Business Environment.

Market Entry Setup

Through a strong and well balanced Partner Network, we can support our Clients in all the areas of Company formation, Legal matters, Tax consideration and all related aspects.

Inform us which kind of requirements you are looking for and we make sure that your expectations are met.

Finding Investors

We will advise and accompany you in the search for suitable investors for your project in in the Middle East. Based upon the excellent network, M.C.C. Consult & Partners has an access to trustworthy investors & High net worth local individuals.

Business Brokerage Middle East & Europe

We can assist our clients or act on their behalf as Business Brokers in selling or buying Companies & Businesses. Through our comprehensive network in the Middle East & Europe, we can provide tailor-made solutions for any kind of Business transactions. Our Clients in both continents are attracted to any kind of Business in regards of selling, buying & investing. The complete business process can be administered by us, through our Lawyer Partners.



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